Unrealized Capital Gains

There is a little known problem with many mutual funds today…unrealized capital gains. Suppose you buy Vanguard’s S&P 500 Mutual Fund ($VFINX) and hold it over the next 10 years. You never sell it so you never pay any taxes…right? Actually, you might end […]

Streams and Forks

“A stream is simply a life context formed by all the information flowing towards you via a set of trusted connections — to free people, ideas and resources — from multiple networks. If in a traditional organization nothing is free and everything […]

Why Bitcoin Keeps Rising

Bitcoin’s relentless rise is understandable given the drivers: Each day, Bitcoin is less “new” – New things are scary. This year a number of high profile investors, podcasts, and companies starting talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more generally.  The more they talk […]