Unrealized Capital Gains

There is a little known problem with many mutual funds today…unrealized capital gains. Suppose you buy Vanguard’s S&P 500 Mutual Fund ($VFINX) and hold it over the next 10 years. You never sell it so you never pay any taxes…right? Actually, you might end […]

Streams and Forks

“A stream is simply a life context formed by all the information flowing towards you via a set of trusted connections — to free people, ideas and resources — from multiple networks. If in a traditional organization nothing is free and everything […]

Why Bitcoin Keeps Rising

Bitcoin’s relentless rise is understandable given the drivers: Each day, Bitcoin is less “new” – New things are scary. This year a number of high profile investors, podcasts, and companies starting talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more generally.  The more they talk […]

Crypto Market Valuation

The team @intuitecon has been working through a detailed valuation of the cryptocurrency market since publishing our last piece on the subject here. Here are some preliminary thoughts on why we are not selling (yet). Since publishing this post in early […]